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Why test soil before installing a septic system?

Soil testing is important before a septic system is installed. It measures the water absorption rate of the soil, determines the ability of the soil to absorb wastewater and predicts the required size for the leach field. It also analyses the subterranean conditions and the level of water table.

For example, soil with high clay content drains slowly so the wastewater will remain near the soil surface. This can lead to water logging of the area. Testing can also enable property developers to modify the design or make changes to the building structures at early stages of planning. Soil testing in the design phase saves money and time. It also prevents the septic system from breaking down due to poor soil drainage characteristics and save you time and money on expensive repairs in the future.

Klein Soil Testing Services Williams Bay WI
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How are Soil Tests conducted?

1) We dig holes (6-12 inches in diameter) in the soil
2) We then pour water in the holes and allow the water to saturate the soil
3) We allow the water to drain away and refill the hole again with water
4) We then calculate the time needed to drain the hole.

The percolation rate is measured in minutes/inch.

Deep hole testing may also also done to determine the drainage conditions of the soil and to determine the level of the water table. These holes are 8-10 ft deep, and the soil sample collected is inspected and tested to evaluate the subterranean conditions.


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